The global challenges cannot be ignored. Energy, climate, resources, environmental damage, health and pollutants are issues that concern people. All issues of existential importance for people who are unfortunately increasingly excluded for financial reasons.

The Power Systems Company is a young company founded in October 2022. We set out to make products accessible to people in the spirit of divine creation and in harmony with nature. This is our contribution to people who value a clean environment, clean water, clean food and clean air at acceptable prices. This also includes protection from harmful radiation and much more...

As Viktor Schauberger once said: “Understand nature and copy it.”

We see this as one of our tasks. The Power Systems Company does not just offer technical solutions and products. It is open to innovative partners as a platform to complete product developments, produce products and enable their market access. We share our knowledge with our partners and thus create synergy effects.

In the future, we will continuously complement and enrich our product range together with our cooperation partners.

Our goal is to be a trusted and respected company for technical solutions and environmentally friendly products to provide direct or indirect benefits to the people of the world.

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